• Sync Orders with sales channels
  • Route order items to best suppliers
  • Automatic tracking update
  • Automatic sync stock count
  • Reconciliation
  • Returns Management
  • Reporting
  • Repricing
  • Oversell Protect
  • Full Product Integration


1000 Orders/m

$0.3 / Additional Order


250K SKUs

  • 3 Sales Channels
  • 7/24 Support


2500 Orders/m

$0.2 / Additional Order


500K SKUs

  • 5 Sales Channels
  • 7/24 Support


5000 Orders/m

$0.1 / Additional Order



  • 10 Sales Channels
  • 7/24 Support


Unlimited Orders



Unlimited SKUs

  • Unlimited Sales Channels
  • 7/24 Support
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Happy Customers

We have worked with several online SAAS providers over the years, they couldn't fit all of our requirements either here or there, and the bigger scale we become, the more money they charge on us. We couldn't tolerate anymore, we decided to build our own system, we tried to look if someone already built similar system so we can use it as stepstone. With several searches, we found inventorypapa. We were very impressed at what they have achieved, sent them our inventory database file to setup, we were shocked! None of the platforms we used are as sleek and fast as what they made, their genius design and technical knowledge have convinced us to outsource the project development to them rather than hiring our own programmers, and in the end they didn't let us down, we have the fastest ever system now. We can't reveal our business name due to sensitivity, but we do want to help inventorypapa like they helped us. They saved us huge amount of money, now we only need to pay server fee which is several hundred a month, and a few software development fee, if we continued using those SAAS platforms, we could never have gotten such prompt technical help, because they have too many customers. Our dropshipping business is so agile, we need new features to be done as soon as possible, so we can improve our whole process which result in better customer service, it also matters our ranking and reviews in sales channels. We don't need to worry for scaling bigger anymore. We find the best and cheapest products to sell and we need to find the best and cheapest software too. We only regret that we found inventorypapa so late, they are life saver!